Combigrid® is a composite product of a Secugrid® geogrid, with a needle-punched
Secutex® nonwoven geotextile firmly welded between the reinforcement
bars, for soil stabilisation, separation and filtration applications.

Combigrid® is multifunctional

Combigrid® combines all the requirements of a variety of properties
in one single product. For this reason, the main area of use for
Combigrid® is on weak subsoils where, in addition to reinforcement,
filter and separating properties are required. As a rule, this means
subsoils with a CBR value of less than 3 %. Thus, the areas of
application for Combigrid® are to be found in the reinforcement of base
courses, foundations, access roads, pipeline trenches and throughout the
road building sector. The range of products available incorporates
different degrees of tensile strength and nonwoven components and covers
a variety of applications. Combigrid® is thus an all-purpose product
for universal applications.

Advantages of Combigrid®

  • reinforcement, filtration, separation and drainage in just one product, reducing aggregate thickness
  • firmly bonded composite product
  • very high strength at low strains
  • immediate interlocking with cover aggregate
  • high resistance against installation damage
  • nonwoven geotextile firmly bonded between uniformly extruded PP or PET bars
  • high resistance against biological and chemical degradation
  • 4.75 m wide rolls
  • quick and easy to install
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • CE marked

Combigrid® is safe

It is available in polypropylene (PP) or in polyester (PET),
depending on project requirements. It is suitable for the use in all
natural environments. Combigrid® geogrids are superior soil
reinforcement elements because they resist service tensile force loading
with very low elongation. This results in an immediate force connection
and inter locking with the fill soil without primary deformation. The
monolithic flat polymer bars used to make Combigrid® are extremely
robust and have excellent chemical resistance, as well as an extremely
good wea ther resistance as shown in the Global UV test. The Secutex®
separating, nonwoven geotextile which is firmly integrated be tween the
reinforcing bars features efficient long-term filter stability and high
robustness, reasons why Combigrid® geogrids have been approved by the
Federal Railway Office for use in earthworks for railway constructions.
An excellent example of two single high-quality components combined in
one product – Combigrid®.

Combigrid® is economical

Combigrid® is extremely quick and easy to install, thus reducing
installa tion costs considerably. System solutions using Combigrid® can
reduce the thickness of the base course of roads and often avoid the
necessity to replace weak subsoils thus conserving resources and
economising costs. For the reinforcement of the bearing layer, a
calculation disk can be requested to determine the right
Combigrid®/Secugrid® type.

Combigrid® is simple

Combigrid® can be installed during virtually all weather conditions
without heavy equipment or special construction techniques. Panels are
joined and continuity is assured with simple overlaps. Standard cutting
tools can be used for on-site trimming, and for steep slopes various
geometrical shapes can be formed where necessary.


Combigrid® is an all-purpose composite product suitable for use in a
variety of reinforcement, separation and filtration applications.
Combigrid® is extremely robust, resistant and durable allowing a
cost-efficient alternative to other construction methods in all sectors
of civil and environmental engineering. Combigrid® provides the user
with a technically sophisticated product to fulfil the requirements in
even the most unusual projects.

Combigrid® photos