Secudrain® is a three-dimensional composite product, consisting of a drainage
core and firmly attached filter nonwoven geotextiles for drainage

Secudrain® is multifunctional

Secudrain® is used extensively to drain water or gas in various
applications. In landfill engineering, Secudrain® serves three functions
at once (filtration, protection and drainage) when installed directly
above a geomembrane. The ability of Secudrain® to passively relieve
water pressure makes it ideal for drainage over buried structures and
for road-edge strip-drain applications. The filter geotextiles and the
drainage core can be efficiently dimensioned to meet the required
drainage capacity. Secudrain® is also used success fully as a drainage
layer in the construction of buildings, tunnels and roofs.

Advantages of Secudrain®

  • filtration, protection and drainage in one product
  • excellent in-plane flow properties
  • long-term hydraulic performance
  • replaces natural drainage aggregate
  • very high creep resistance
  • resistance to chemical and biological degradation
  • perfectly suited for steep slope application due to very good shear properties
  • robust against on-site conditions
  • quick and cost-effective installation
  • highest quality control standards
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • CE marked

Secudrain® is safe

Secudrain® is properly dimensioned durable and robust; it handles
mechanical loads with ease. It is resistant to all naturally occurring
chemical and biological factors in the soil. The needle-punched
nonwovens long-term filter efficiency allows for safe design of passive
drainage and thus ensures the system’s longevity. The use of
needle-punched non wovens leads to a high interfacial friction angle,
especially important on steep slopes. The regular bonding between the
geotextile and drainage core ensures transmission of shearing forces
through the Secudrain® system.

Secudrain® is economical

Since the filter, drainage, and protection layer comprise one unit,
Secudrain® can be installed rapidly. The use of Secudrain® in earth
construction requires less excava tion of in-situ material and, in the
case of a landfill liner, the containment vo lume is increased. Using
Secudrain® saves time and natural resources since 10,000 m² of the
Secudrain® system can replace the extraction, transport, and
installation of approximately 3,000 m³ of granular drainage material.
Secudrain® keeps your costs lower than conventional methods.

Secudrain® is simple

One or two people can carry and unroll the lightweight rolls of
Secudrain® without problem and it can be installed in most weather
conditions. Complicated connections are easy with Secudrain® and it
readily fits to the contours of the job site.


Secudrain® excels by its versatility. The installation is simple and
straightforward. Secudrain® is extremely resistant to environmental
factors and its use saves natural resources.

Secudrain® photos