Coastal protection

Coastal protection measures are designed to protect inland flooding and
minimise the erosion of the coastline caused by the constant motion of
the sea. Geosynthetics are used in various coastal protection
applications such as filters in dykes and dams, for foundations under
groynes and breakwaters, as well as by using geotextile containers as
structural elements in groynes, seawalls, breakers or for bed and
embankment stabi lisation.

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Flowing waters


Geosynthetics are used as filters, sealing elements as well as for
scour protection in flowing waters. Natural construction materials are
often found to be inadequate in performance without significant
over-engineering – the use of geosynthetics is frequently required in
support of natural systems for both performance and savings. Ecological
aspects play an important role in hydraulic engineering as it is im port
ant to protect as well as preserve the natural flora and fauna habitat.
Systems from NAUE offer ecological, technical as well as economic
benefits together in a single solution.

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Dammed-up waters


For centuries, water has been stored or transported in manmade canals
and reservoirs to make it usable for transportation, as a source of
energy, or for irrigation. A wide range of geosynthetic products can be
used in order to create more efficient shipping routes, including those
used for the construction or repair of canals and docks. Geosynthetics
facilitate economical and ecological methods for the construction of
retention reservoirs or barrages.

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Dyke construction


For dyke applications, geosynthetics perform important functions,
such as long-term stability and waterproofing. Geosynthetics from NAUE
have been used in these exacting applications for decades.

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