When embankments are planned with angles exceeding 70°, a vegetated
face is usually not possible or requires significant and potentially
cost-prohibitive work. These situations require harder exteriors and
high-strength reinforcement, but aesthetic, economical facings are still
possible. The NAUE PANEL Secugrid® geogrid system provides
high-strength reinforcement to earth structures and walls and utilizes
precast concrete panels for exterior design flexibility. Secugrid®
reinforcement geogrids are installed between or connected to the facing
elements. NAUE PANEL is characterized by a high degree of design
options, making it adaptable to project-specific requirements, different
wall geometries and attractive aesthetic faces while being extremely
cost-effective and quick and easy to construct. Walls and slopes can be
built to 90° angles.


  • Retaining walls of all kinds
  • Bridge abutments
  • As a replacement for gravity walls
  • Road and rail noise barriers

System Components:

  • Primary Secugrid® PET geogrid reinforcement
  • Precast concrete panels


  • Quick and easy to construct
  • Flexible exterior designs and configurations
  • High load capacity
  • Secugrid® geogrids can be used with cement- and limestabilized soils
  • Enables different, project-specific aesthetic facings
  • Walls can be shaped to special corners and layouts (e.g., rounded)
  • Site soils and stones may be used

M3 Panel installation