Terrafix®is a single- or multi-layer, needle-punched nonwoven for separation, filtration, protection and sand container applications.

Terrafix® is multifunctional

Terrafix® is a versatile material and is used for a wide range of
functions including: single or multilayered geotextile filters, sand
ballast mats, sand containers or tubes and scour protection. Terrafix®
nonwovens and sand mats act as separators and filters in hydraulic
engineer ing applications such as embankment construction, canal bed
rehabilitation and protection, and coastal works. Fabricated into tubes,
Terrafix® can be used in harbour basin protection; Terrafix® sand
containers have been success fully used in coastal and river bank
protection. Terrafix® has high water permeability, retains soil and
allows root growth so that bank protection structures will blend
unobtrusively with the natural environ ment. Terrafix® provides scour
protection for revetments, in waterways, around pillars and longitudinal
and transverse hydraulic structures.

Terrafix® is safe

More than 40 years of successful Terrafix® nonwoven geotextile
applications in hydraulic engineering are proof of our high technical
standards and abilities. Tests carried out by the Federal Institute for
Waterways Engineering (Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau, BAW), as well as
continuous manufacturing and third-party quality control, affirm our
commitment to high quality. Terrafix® stands out for its flexibility,
filter stability, and resistance to abrasion. Terrafix® conforms to
almost any installation surface and may even be covered directly with
heavy armour stone. Our extra-wide rolls reduce the number of overlaps
required to complete the job. The excellent sewn-seam properties of
Terrafix® minimise displacement of adjacent panels during installation
and operation.

Terrafix® is economical

The easy and precise spreader bar installation means high efficiency.
This adds up to significant economic savings when compared to
conventional granular filters. Using Terrafix® makes the extraction,
transport, and installation of high cost and labour-intensive sand and
gravel filter layers unnecessary; Terrafix® may be covered directly with
heavy armour stone. Its proven durability ensures long service lives of
structures and minimises maintenance costs.

Terrafix® is simple

The weather-proof and UV-resistant wrapping protects Terrafix® during
transportation and on-site and it can be off-loaded and stored with
little effort. To facilitate installation, the rolls may be cut on site
with standard cutting devices.


Terrafix® is a high quality, robust and filter stable geosynthetic
which has been used successfully throughout the world in hydraulic
engineering for decades.

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